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Uganda Telecommunication Industry MTN, UTL, Zain, Warid ,Orange, Smile

Uganda’s telecommunication sector has seen linear growth from one to six (December 2009) mobile operators.  Due to stiff competition for clientele, subscribers are enjoying good local and international call rates. The number of Value Added Service applications has shot up.

This year (2009) the SEACOM cable landed in Uganda, this has led to the shift in pricing schemes for internet connectivity. Internet has become cheaper for example an MTN link that was worth 1000+ dollars, now you can get it at 600 dollars and with better speeds.

I have been a UTL subscriber since I first acquired my first phone in 2003, I am a lazy subscriber. I hardly get moved by promotions. I tried getting a second phone for Zain but maintainig two phones proved cumbersome and i decided to stay on one, UTL. I have always thought of joining a second network (especially Warid Paka Last and Mega Bonus) since the coming of dualsim phones.

Each new mobile operator tries to make a grand entry for example Warid came with really good local call rates, Orange has good international call rates.

Since the introduction of the SEACOM cable in 2009, we are hopping by the end of 2010, internet connectivity will be more affordable as compared to today. Today its quite expensive to have a personal connection. A GPRS subscription using a HUAWEI modem is between Shs 350,000 and Shs 400,000, and monthly fee approx. Shs 90,000.

Cheaper internet costs will create new opportunities for businesses to extend their services nearer customers. For example I have friends working on a payment gateway that will enable online payments locally.

I am looking forward seeing much cheaper rates both internet and mobile calls in 2010.

  1. February 26, 2010 at 9:24 am

    Man, for a while Uganda has been landlocked in terms of the “online world”. Talking about the mobile community and SEACOM in uganda, i look forward to improved payment methods. That payment gateway sounds cool… u need to encourage your friend to finish up… he will be a savior 🙂

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