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XBMC Linux media center

I attended the Uganda Linux User group at EACOSS on 18th december, 2009. The discussion that captured my attention was how to improve the IT sector in Uganda, how to improve the IT academic quality of students leaving University.  Different attendees gave their opinions, if you are a member  of Linux user group and didn’t attend shame on you.  This was my first time to attend a LUG meeting. It raises hope in the Uganda open source community.

Back to media centers:-

For the last days, I have been using my spare time researching how to make my gnome desktop fun and easy to use for me and young siblings. I needed to setup a sleek media center,  and windowing manager. Linux has quite a number of media center solutions, here is a small list.


For windowing I installed the latest Compiz. It has a cool desktop cube.

For media center I installed both Elisa and XBMC to try out which one I felt comfortable with.
Installation of Elisa was pretty straight forward since it comes with debian, just installed straight from DVD iso’s
Installation of XBMC was quite a frustration, it has a handfull of dependencies which kept me moving back and forth from synaptic to ./configure. Eventually I was able to get it compile and install.

I first made a  run of Elisa, it starts up pretty fast compared to XBMC. But nothing worked. It couldn’t play xvid movies. I didn’t have much time to figure out whats not working. Fired up XBMC, takes some time to load. XBMC has a sleek look. It plays all my media types and my remote works too :-). Installed a new skin MediaStream Redux and it rocks. I will add Screenshots of the desktop soon.

If you have been used to windows media center, I recommend XBMC as a media center solution for Linux.

Linux Media Center

Linux Media Center

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