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Is 2010 Stanbic bank year?

2008 is a memorable year for techies who where working in Nile and Barclays bank. In case you have forgotten, its the year Barclays was integrating its systems with those of Nile bank after the acquisition. There was a lot of customer feud due to the unacceptable performance of the ATM’s, Transfers. Barclays had to drop Brains and Equinox for Flexcube. Any customer for Barclays/Nile bank can’t forget the menace of 2008.

This year, the rumor has it that Stanbic bank is migrating to another ATM solution sparrow. Hopefully it goes well since I use Stanbic bank accounts for my day2day banking, I would hate to go through the same Barclays customers experienced.

Don’t get caught off guard.

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