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First Google Technology Uganda User Groug Meeting 27th March 2010

This was the first Meeting for the Google Technology Uganda User Group (GTUG) involving show casing Google products such as :-

Upcoming meetings will involve hands on with google’s API.
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Facebook Greg Dingle at Linux User Group Meeting 19th March 2010

This months Linux User Group meeting was different, we had a special guest appearance by Greg Dingle, a Facebook software developer from San Fransisco, CA. We had a chance to have an interesting QA session with him asking various questions about the technologies behind Facebook Platform.

Do you have a poor internet connection? Worry no more, You can still continue Facebooking on Facebook Lite.  Its a lighter version of Facebook we people in Africa will be happy with. It performs well on slow links. You can try it at Also Greg Dingle gave an overview of how Hadoop, Hive and MapReduce can be used for distributed processing of large data sets on compute clusters. Read more…

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Setting up crazy caching for orange 3G modem on FreeBSD

This is a guide to illustrate how to set up a 3G USB modem on FreeBSD. Due to the cap limit on the 3G plans on the market, there is need to maximize link usage hence the guide illustrates how to setup squid + squidGuard + bind caching server. On capped links you need to monitor usage of the link, so darkstat will come in handy.

In this setup I used an old ASUS board PC with Celeron processor 500 MHz, 256MB RAM + 150GB disk I had stashed away; it is the perfect piece for the Job. To be able to access internet all around the house, I purchased a cheap TP Link wireless ADSL 2+ modem router, it goes for around UGX 100,000, that’s around EUR 37. Read more…

Uganda Dot Net User Group meeting for 26th Febuary 2010

Friday 26th Feburay 2010 was my first Uganda Dot Net User Group meeting.

The topic of discussion for the day was NHibernate ORM framework presented by J Marcus (Assistant IT Manager bank of Baroda).

Am not an expert of NHibernate, so it was time not wasted to listen and see how NHibernate can be applied in .Net applications. I use a combination of spring and Hibernate in the java applications I do develop, so I know the hustles of hibernate. Like having to create the mapping files and classes that map to database objects manually. Good enough NetBeans 6.8 comes with a reverse engineering plugin that removes the hustles of having to update and create the mapping classes. Read more…