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2011 Searchable Uganda Voters List

I had scrapped a voters list a few months back. I realized its out of date. The new voters list available at the Electoral Commission website has voter id’s but it doesn’t offer search. I had to harvest a fresh list. You can search the voter’s list at http://reg.kutokea.com for the following information:-

  • Voters Id
  • Surname
  • Other names
  • Village
  • Polling station
  • Sub-Country
  • Parish
  • Constituency
  • District
  • or a combination of the above listed.

The search results reflect accurate information from the EC website http://www.ec.or.ug/ as of Febuary 19th, 2011.

If you want further analysis of the voters list:-

You can request analysis reports which I can generate for you. Depending on the complex level of the report and resources that will be required. I may take a day or two to get back to you with that report.

For advanced users like developers I allow you to write readonly App Engine mapreduce jobs that I can run on the data set. All code is first analyzed before job submitted. If interested you can contact me for the model design and further information.

NB. By the time of writing this article App Engine mapreduce doesn’t have the same feature set as Hadoop e.g no Reduce, but it provides a feature set thats pretty enough to run simple MapReduce jobs. By the way if you have cron jobs that fit being run as mapreduce jobs, I would advice you to convert to using the appengine mapreduce api because its faster and cheaper with resource quotas and time. Am not sure if it may apply to your situation, but it does to mine. I scrapped the voters list using 8 shards for more than twenty five thousand polling stations, downloading pdfs, decrypting them and inserting voter data (> 500) into the datastore. Took two days, yet the first time using cron jobs, it took almost a month.

Url: http://reg.kutokea.com
Currently the search indexes are rebuilding for more than ten million voters and will be done by the morning of 20th Febuary 2011.

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