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Audio FingerPrinting and Matching Using Acoustid Chromaprint on Windows With Python

I needed to generate audio fingerprints for matching/pattern recognition. I should say I tried a couple of approaches like using MFCC and spectrogram matching using Computer Vision techniques but I was not successfully with it. Using acoustid Chromaprint gave positive results. Since I was using windows, I had to compile the latest version using Visual Studio.
Since I my target was to get wav format to work, I didnt need ffmpeg dependency, so I removed it. You will need the avcodec and ffwt libs. The algorithm used for Acoustid for finger print matching is buried in a PostgreSQL user-defined C function which I easily translated to python for use.
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Unlocking a Huawei 3G Modem, use it on multiple networks

Being able to use a locked Huawei 3G modem on another network involves two steps.

  1. Unlock the modem using Simbwa Phillip steps.
  2. Set the APN of the SIM Network whenever initializing the modem

Simbwa Phillip has some steps which I was able to follow to perfectly unlock my Huawei 3G modem.
I will just paste here the steps again so that you don’t have to bounce back and forth.
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Least Squares Regression on Uganda’s Consumer Price Index Items Influencing Inflation Rate Part I

Views expressed hear are mine and if their mistakes please feel free to correct me. About four to five years back I was buying Petrol at around 2200, right now its 3500 Shillings. I am quite disgusted with whats going on in the country. The prices of basics are very high, the way the Government is handling the walk to work demonstrators is totally inhumane. The inflation rate as of now is predicated to hit 14%. All this is happening when at the back of my mind I know that Government wasted a lot of tax payers money on recent presidential campaigns to finance their campaigns and bribery. I have rage that continues to build as I see corrupt officers (Freedom fighters :-)) set free and time is wasted on legislations that will not build this country but fulfill personal ambitions. Read more…
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