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MSBuild And MVC Area Projects using Autofac as IoC

April 22, 2012 2 comments

I have a Web Project Folder structure MainMVCProject\Areas\MyArea in one of my projects. MyArea is a another MVC project. While setting up an MSBuild project, I realised that on building the main project using the task below, the contents of the child area MyArea where being copied to the parent MainMVCProject.

<MSBuild Projects=”$(WebFolder)\MainMVCProject.csproj”
OutDir=$(DeployFolder)\www\bin\;Configuration=$(Configuration)” />

At first it was not obvious why, but managed to figure it out. The cause was because I had added a reference of MyArea project to MainMVCProject. The reason in the first place of adding that reference was to simplify the registration of controllers in the MyArea child Area project assembly using Autofac. Removing the reference fixed the MSBuild output but still needed to register the controllers with the Autofac Container.

In my solution I use a plugin architecture used in Umbraco, details here. In combination with a TypeFinder, I was already using a DependencyRegistrar for registering types to the Autofac Container. So I just added an implementation of IDependencyRegistrar in the MyArea child project which registers the controllers in that assembly. In Global.asax Application start method I find all types that do implement IDependencyRegistrar and execute the register method passing the container.

This overall fixed resolving controllers at run-time.

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