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Windows: Search for drivers on the internet. Has it ever worked for you?

The desktop I use home dual boots with windows 7 ultimate and Ubuntu. The windows 7 OS has not been in use and connected to the internet for about a year. I tend to spend a lot of time using Ubuntu. This week I needed to transfer a file from a Samsung android phone running version 2.2.1 to the windows host using its USB cable. To much surprise i reached no where with the nagging task bar popup device installation failed. Which when clicked leads to a window where you can search for drivers on the internet. This leads to to why I made this post.

Have you ever been successful with searching for drivers on internet with windows and it worked? Personally it has never worked for me. May be because I use a lot of cheap China devices and not genuine ones. As far as I remember, whenever I have tried this option it was no success. Even with some genuine peripherals. I got the phone to work after installing the utility tools with drivers on the CD that comes with the phone, I didn’t do this on the laptop also running windows 7 ultimate.

Am just curious, Have you ever got windows to search for drivers for your peripheral on the internet and it worked?

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