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My Bad: A Guest VirtualBox Machine on windows only shares internet on host via a proxy

Two months ago I took on a personal ambition to reduce my power bill. One of my culprits was to shutdown the home server that was a storage server, media streaming server, XBMC media center etc. It was also the internet gateway. I moved the entertainment functions to the MK802 device running android 4.0

The home devices:- phones, MK802 and PS3 had to continue to access the internet.

I chose my working laptop as the gateway sharing the 3G modem internet. The laptop runs windows 7 and it so happens that enabling ICS stops the VPN connections from working. This is a known issue. Windows Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) is not compatible with the VPN client. It produces errors such as:-

  1. The vpn client agent was unable to create the interprocess communication depot.
  2. Sometime it seems the tunnel is being established but terminated.

So turning off ICS fixes the error. Read more…

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UTL Uganda Telecom KwikTok Makes Internet More affordable

April 19, 2011 59 comments
UTL has an amazing product called KwikTok where you key in a ussd *250# and you get 100mb data, 20 free SMS and 10 minutes of talk. I have been a disgruntled UTL customer since 2003 but nothing has never made me proud of being a UTL customer like KwikTok.

So why am I happy about KwikTok? Well the 100MB of data isn’t a joke. 100MB!!!! for only 250 shillings. If you calculate that for 31 days, that is if you spend 100MB per day that totals to 7750 Shillings. That means you buying 3.1GB for just 7,750 Shillings. Hmmmm Yeaaaaaa. Now that’s sweet. 100MB is enough for you to stay online the whole day and make a couple of skype audio calls. If your to compare it with the major player Orange that am subscribed to for 3G internet 3GB would cost you 85,000 Shillings.

You should be just too crazy to underlook the UTL free internet. This means if your like me and have an old product like Orange 3G internet. You move UTL to higher priority and use Orange Internet when UTL connection is off or extremely slow. That makes you reserve your orange data when you extremely need blazing speed. Not that the UTL internet connection is slow. You can do pretty alot with the UTL connection. Pages load pretty fast and if your crazy like me who is running a proxy on all my machines and my N900 phone then that means better performance. Skype calls using my phone-n900 and laptop are both clear.

Every good thing has some annoying bit. KwikTok data doesn’t go without a negative spot. One thing that pisses me off is when your connected through the phone or your working from the phone and the 100MB is exceeded you don’t get any warning and it automatically switches to using the normal profile of your airtime which is maddly expensive. Coz my phone squashes 4000 in just less than 10minutes when active. You should be aware of this.

Update on crazy caching for orange 3G modem

It has been more than a month when I blogged about stealthily caching using squid.

I have requested my usage data two times from the ISP and I have decided to share it.

My usage statistics start from 3rd March.

The first usage data was on 6th April Read more…

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Setting up crazy caching for orange 3G modem on FreeBSD

This is a guide to illustrate how to set up a 3G USB modem on FreeBSD. Due to the cap limit on the 3G plans on the market, there is need to maximize link usage hence the guide illustrates how to setup squid + squidGuard + bind caching server. On capped links you need to monitor usage of the link, so darkstat will come in handy.

In this setup I used an old ASUS board PC with Celeron processor 500 MHz, 256MB RAM + 150GB disk I had stashed away; it is the perfect piece for the Job. To be able to access internet all around the house, I purchased a cheap TP Link wireless ADSL 2+ modem router, it goes for around UGX 100,000, that’s around EUR 37. Read more…

The beauty of Windows update server

December 21, 2009 Leave a comment

Uganda’s internet connectivity is known by Slow and expensive connections with less available bandwidth. Though this is expected to change with time due to the landing of the SEACOM cable in Kampala.

My experience in Uganda for the networks I have helped troubleshoot has helped me realize that Windows updates are little known and under looked by many administrators when it comes to troubleshooting slow links.

Most network administrators don’t have any kind of networking monitoring software and  this results to always complain to the ISP about slow links. In return ISP’s normally stand their ground that their is no problem on their side. Communicating back and forth and sometimes sharp words are exchanged between ISP Customer service and Clients. Read more…

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