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Least Squares Regression on Uganda’s Consumer Price Index Items Influencing Inflation Rate Part I

Views expressed hear are mine and if their mistakes please feel free to correct me. About four to five years back I was buying Petrol at around 2200, right now its 3500 Shillings. I am quite disgusted with whats going on in the country. The prices of basics are very high, the way the Government is handling the walk to work demonstrators is totally inhumane. The inflation rate as of now is predicated to hit 14%. All this is happening when at the back of my mind I know that Government wasted a lot of tax payers money on recent presidential campaigns to finance their campaigns and bribery. I have rage that continues to build as I see corrupt officers (Freedom fighters :-)) set free and time is wasted on legislations that will not build this country but fulfill personal ambitions. Read more…
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2011 Searchable Uganda Voters List

February 19, 2011 Leave a comment

I had scrapped a voters list a few months back. I realized its out of date. The new voters list available at the Electoral Commission website has voter id’s but it doesn’t offer search. I had to harvest a fresh list. You can search the voter’s list at for the following information:- Read more…

What happened in Kampala, Uganda in 2010

January 1, 2011 1 comment

Interesting developments in Uganda in 2010 include:-

  • Discovery of more oil reserves in Uganda
  • Presidential campaigns begin
  • Warid Telecom ignites a mobile rates price war ending the year with a flat rate of 3/= per second across Telecom networks.
  • Sea Internet Fiber cables Land, 3G internet
  • 11 July Bombings at Kyadondo Rugby Club and Ethiopian Village by Al-Shabab Terrorists
  • First Digital TV provider
  • Makerere University gets the youngest Vice chancellor Professor Venansius Baryamureeba Read more…
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Wikileaks Kampala Atom Feed

December 11, 2010 Leave a comment

Wikileaks cable release is one of the major buzz going around Uganda media. The cables came at a wrong time for our politicians since its presidential and parliamentary election period. Some of the few cables released so far from the Embassy of Kampala are both surprising and shocking. Its not easy not to be captivated by the cables, that’s why I decided to create a simple Atom Feed such that I can keep track of whats released from the Kampala Embassy. Read more…

Copyright infringement in Uganda

November 21, 2010 1 comment

The enforcement of Copyright Laws in Uganda is just starting to pick up. Today you can walk into a movie store and buy the latest movie three days old for just 1200/= ($0.5). The leaked HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS first 36 minutes was already on the shelves. Even movies which are not translated in English are sold and shockingly people buy them not knowing, only to reach home getting frustrated.

As of now meetings are going back and forth between the authorities and vendors who rip thousands of movies a day. The authorities are educating and warning them soon they will enforce and penalties will be costly. Currently in my opinion 99% of movies in Kampala are pirated movies. The business is booming. Movie renting is not a profitable business currently since its just cheaper to buy a DVD. Go to the malls, there you will find duplicators in the open making copies of DVD’s. Ink and printers printing DVD flyers. The heat from some of the shops is just unbearable.

What about music? Music ripping is not such a profitable business. Movies are the in thing now. Series, block busters on the shelves before or just a few days after official cinema release. If the FBI was to come to Uganda abruptly and start arresting fox, some malls in Kampala will become almost empty. Read more…

Kyambogo Art Exhibition At The University July 2010

July 21, 2010 1 comment

As I was biking on Saturday, I happened to stumble upon an Art and Industrial Design exhibition hosted at department of Art and Industrial Design, Kyambogo University.

Took some shots before I was informed that taking pictures is not allowed. “Designs may be copied”, thats what I was told. Any way I took some shots and incase you have time, you can pass by. The exhibition ends on 12th August and entrance is UGX 1000. You can also purchase some of the art pieces. Good ones are priced starting around UGX 70,000.

One of the sponsors is orange telecom.

Below are some of the shots.

Read more…

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First Google Technology Uganda User Groug Meeting 27th March 2010

This was the first Meeting for the Google Technology Uganda User Group (GTUG) involving show casing Google products such as :-

Upcoming meetings will involve hands on with google’s API.
Read more…

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