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Copyright infringement in Uganda

November 21, 2010 1 comment

The enforcement of Copyright Laws in Uganda is just starting to pick up. Today you can walk into a movie store and buy the latest movie three days old for just 1200/= ($0.5). The leaked HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS first 36 minutes was already on the shelves. Even movies which are not translated in English are sold and shockingly people buy them not knowing, only to reach home getting frustrated.

As of now meetings are going back and forth between the authorities and vendors who rip thousands of movies a day. The authorities are educating and warning them soon they will enforce and penalties will be costly. Currently in my opinion 99% of movies in Kampala are pirated movies. The business is booming. Movie renting is not a profitable business currently since its just cheaper to buy a DVD. Go to the malls, there you will find duplicators in the open making copies of DVD’s. Ink and printers printing DVD flyers. The heat from some of the shops is just unbearable.

What about music? Music ripping is not such a profitable business. Movies are the in thing now. Series, block busters on the shelves before or just a few days after official cinema release. If the FBI was to come to Uganda abruptly and start arresting fox, some malls in Kampala will become almost empty. Read more…