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Google AppEngine Tale using python

November 24, 2010 2 comments

Months and Months have been foregoing having to finish up an application that runs on the App Engine stack. In my free time I am working on a java project that will run on App Engine making use of Google Web Toolkit (GWT) API’s (GWT, gwt-map), Guice, and Google App Engine Java SDK. But as long as I continue postponing, I don’t know when I will ever finish that project. But Thursday last week things changed, due to course assignment, I chose to play around with App Engine.

Here I go through woes and success of getting an application running on Google App Engine stack in total 20 hours.
My target was simple. Write a Google App Engine application that scraps Uganda voters from the electoral website and store them in the Google data store for easier searching. I am not an experienced python developer, but I do have enough concepts to get done with whatever I need in python. Below I attach the whole final code.

So to start with I need to scrap the districts, constituencies, sub counties, parishes and polling stations because it’s that information that I need to be able to download PDFs having lists of voters on a specific polling station. To get started I wrote functionality that scraps the locations above and pickles them in a file for later transformation in to CSV format for uploading using the bulkloader. Read more…

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