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Audio FingerPrinting and Matching Using Acoustid Chromaprint on Windows With Python

I needed to generate audio fingerprints for matching/pattern recognition. I should say I tried a couple of approaches like using MFCC and spectrogram matching using Computer Vision techniques but I was not successfully with it. Using acoustid Chromaprint gave positive results. Since I was using windows, I had to compile the latest version using Visual Studio.
Since I my target was to get wav format to work, I didnt need ffmpeg dependency, so I removed it. You will need the avcodec and ffwt libs. The algorithm used for Acoustid for finger print matching is buried in a PostgreSQL user-defined C function which I easily translated to python for use.
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Unlocking a Huawei 3G Modem, use it on multiple networks

Being able to use a locked Huawei 3G modem on another network involves two steps.

  1. Unlock the modem using Simbwa Phillip steps.
  2. Set the APN of the SIM Network whenever initializing the modem

Simbwa Phillip has some steps which I was able to follow to perfectly unlock my Huawei 3G modem.
I will just paste here the steps again so that you don’t have to bounce back and forth.
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Illustration of solving sudoku puzzle using Brute Force, Generate and Test, and Arc consistency

There are different ways of solving Sudoku puzzles. Brute force, Generate and Test both perform pretty well for easy puzzles but Arc Consistency beats them all in speed and solving very complex puzzles with less CPU.  Peter Norvig has a robust solution that solve any puzzle .

Brute force, Generate and Test are easy to implement. but what about using Arc Consistency. For adventure I attempted to try out using arc consistency to solve sudoku puzzles. I did manage to implement the concept though my implementation is not as fast as Norvig’s. Read more…

Wikileaks Kampala Atom Feed

December 11, 2010 Leave a comment

Wikileaks cable release is one of the major buzz going around Uganda media. The cables came at a wrong time for our politicians since its presidential and parliamentary election period. Some of the few cables released so far from the Embassy of Kampala are both surprising and shocking. Its not easy not to be captivated by the cables, that’s why I decided to create a simple Atom Feed such that I can keep track of whats released from the Kampala Embassy. Read more…

Simple check if you have new mail in Gmail

September 19, 2010 Leave a comment

This is a simple illustration of how you can use the python imaplib to check mail. This is really simple for experienced python programmers, but not for new ones. This can be made use of in several ways. For example I dislike the N900 mail client, I use this script to quickly check if I have new mail. Read more…

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Increasing price accuracy from 2 to 3 in OpenERP

June 26, 2010 1 comment

Last week I was faced with the dilemma of increasing the price accuracy from 2 to 3 in OpenERP for a client who uses OpenERP server 5.0.6

OpenERP server has a configuration for the price accuracy in its configuration file, but as of 5.0.6 it seems to be to effective.

Changing the value in the config from 2 to 3 had no effect. On Googling around it seems to be a bug that may be fixed in the upcoming 6.0.0 release.

However the price accuracy config option can be passed directly when starting the server. This option works for both Linux and Windows. However windows has a major draw back that the windows service that creates the openerp-server process does not allow passing additional parameters. Though u can start the openerp server manually in windows with the parameter, when it comes to having the server started by the service, it won’t work. Thus the need to have to pull source code of the openerp service from launchpad, modify it to pass price accuracy parameter, and recompile it. Read more…

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